Call for papers

The final date for submission of papers is Tuesday 31 July, 2012.

Submitted abstracts should consists of 250-500 words,

should have Author's bio attached (150 words),

and must be sent via email in .doc format to

How to prepare manuscripts

1. Manuscript Completion Date:

The complete manuscript should be submitted to the Editors by 31 December 2012


2. Sending Manuscripts:

Manuscripts should be sent in.doc format via email to


3.Length of Manuscripts:

The total length of the text of a submitted manuscript should not exceed 8,000 words (preferably between 4,000-8,000 words).


4. Arrangement of Manuscript:

All Authors are asked to write on the first page of a manuscript:

-       Author's name and surname

-       Affiliation

-       Email address

-       Number of the words

It is necessary to attach an abstract (250-500 words) and a bio to a manuscript. 

Manuscripts should be typed in Times New Roman (12 pt.)


5. References and footnotes:

All references should be placed in footnotes and should follow these conventions:


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For title repetition:

Ibid., p. 12

J. Lee, Ireland..., p. 123.


Chapters in books:

J. Cohen, ‘Deliberative Politics' in D. Estlund (ed.), Democracy, London 2002, p. 98.



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Articles on the Internet:

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