Message from Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard


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I am pleased to offer my best wishes for the 3rd International Conference on Human Rights Education, "Promoting Change in Times of Crisis" being hosted by the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.

The Jagiellonian University is one of the world's oldest universities, with a remarkable liberal tradition, whose motto "Let reason prevail over force" is so appropriate to the purpose of this gathering.

You meet on the soil of a nation that has known great suffering and where the lessons of human rights are hard won and highly prized. Indeed, Poland's history is a reminder of the universality of human rights and the possibility for advancement that occurs when brave men and women stand courageously against injustice.

The experiences of the past century have vividly highlighted the need for human rights to be embedded in the consciousness of all people through effective education, and for all of us to remain vigilant against hate, discrimination and intolerance.

With these thoughts in mind, I thank Dr Sev Ozdowski, an eminent Australian who is also proud of his Polish heritage, for helping to make this important conference series possible, along with his colleagues at the University of Western Sydney.

I also thank the Polish authorities for their generous hospitality and support, including the distinguished patronage of President Komorowski, who does this conference great honour.

I know this will be an enjoyable and informative conference which will play an effective part in contributing to progress on human rights education in changing and challenging times. I am proud to extend my encouragement and support.


The Honourable Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia