from Prof. Bogdan Szlachta
Dean of the Faculty of International and Political Studies

As a Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University, I am graced that our Faculty is participating in organizing "Third International Conference on Human Rights Education. Promoting Change in Times of Transition and Crisis" and I invite you to participate in it.

We would like to focus on a wide range of issues concerning human life and human rights education in present times and circumstances. We are willing to address the contemporary issues in Western and Central Europe (as post-transition regions, facing now economical crisis), in Eastern Europe (how to promote democratic values), Latin America (social issues and challenges), Northern America and Australia (problems with exporting human rights abroad), Northern Africa (the causes and results of the Arab Spring) and Asia (challenges in various regions). However we are not going to concentrate on world's regions only, but we also want to address more general questions. Certainly worth reflecting on would be the issues concerning multiculturalism (is this policy still valid?), welfare rights in the times of austerity crisis, problems of refugees, religious freedom (state's neutrality and secularity), demography and human rights, problems of poverty, education on humanitarian law, discrimination of marginalized groups, universalism (or particularity?) of human rights education; the questions who is the actual subject of human rights, whether the human rights existed before Auschwitz and what lead to the horror of Auschwitz. These are just examples of the issues which are to be raised on the Conference.

I am sure the presence of a great variety of speakers from different backgrounds will allow us to examine these difficult issues carefully and, in perspective, to find the solutions how to protect human life and dignity, especially on the field of education.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Cracow in December,

Prof. Bogdan Szlachta, Dean of the Faculty of International and Political Studies of Jagiellonian University