from Prof. Karol Musioł
Rector of Jagiellonian University in Cracow

This year the Jagiellonian University in Cracow is honored to be hosting The International Conference on Human Rights Education. In the name of the Conference Organizers, I sincerely invite you to participate in this special event. I am sure that exchanging ideas of world-wide experts and sharing our experience will help us to respect the dignity of human being.

Regarding the contemporary political and economical situation of many countries in the world, it is hoped to address some of the difficulties of human beings, especially human rights education, in present contexts. I encourage all interested in human rights issues to see that perhaps not only developing, but also developed countries are experiencing problems with human rights education. If so, we would like to concentrate also on the role and the future of HRE in developed countries, asking whether the Western civilization is already in crisis due to contemporary extension of human rights with concurrent reduction of human duties. However, the problems of human rights in developing countries are all the time worth reflecting on.

The Congress is taking place from 6th to 10th December, 2012, with the final day of it the Human Rights Day. By the date and the places – Jagiellonian University in Cracow and also Auschwitz - it is intended to stress the importance of Human Rights Education for peace amongst nations, especially in times of crisis. The visit to Auschwitz and the following debate is to make us remember about devastating effects of the systems which did not respect human freedom nor inalienable human dignity. I hope that this memory, the Conference, and joined efforts of various institutions, states and men of good will, will help us to preserve the objective value of human life.

As a Rector of the Jagiellonian University I feel responsible for inspiring academical and practical reflections on these issues. I am especially encouraged by the example of my distinguished predecessor, Pawel Wlodkowic, who in 15th century initiated serious considerations on the law of the nations in Cracow University, making it one of the world centers of the debate. I am honored that also today the Jagiellonian University has become the place where these crucial issues are addressed again.

I sincerely appreciate the work of the main organizers of the Conference - Prof. Bogdan Szlachta and his team from the Faculty of International and Political Science.

I extend a warm welcome to all the participants of the Conference, being sure it will bring rewarding and valuable experience.

Prof. Karol Musioł, Rector of Jagiellonian University (2005 - 2012)