The Third International Conference on Human Rights Education in Cracow shall be one of the most important international meetings referring to human rights in 2012.

Last years have shown many new issues in the field of human rights.

Many countries, also members of the European Union, suffered serious economic issues, sometimes referred to as "the World Financial Crisis". This leads to consider how to abate the negative effect to the full achievement of economic, social and cultural rights.

The so called "Arab Spring" led many of citizens of North Africa to free from tyranny, and to transform totalitarian regimes to systems protecting dignity and rights of an individual. There is, however, a question how universal human rights match with cultural differences in different societies.

There are also another important issues e.g. how to protect human rights face bioethical problems or how they would be with the freedom of speech in the Internet (ACTA)?

All those issues shall be discussed at the Conference from the point of view of the Human Rights Education program. To improve the current situation, the voice of the public opinion aware of its rights is important.

The participants are going to visit the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. They will discuss then why and how it was possible to happen and how to keep alive for the future the memory of the past when basic human rights were broken in a barbarian way.

The organizers invited many outstanding persons from across the world: scholars, representatives of international and national human rights institutions, and non-governmental organizations. It warrants that the discussion will be held on the highest professional level.

Cracow is one of the oldest cities in Europe with a glorious  history. Many magnificent monuments testified of the great past of this city as  the capital of Poland from XI to XVI Centuries. The participation at the Conference would not only be discussing very important issues, but would give to participants unforgettable memories of the Polish culture and history, as well.

It gives me great pleasure to strongly recommend this Conference for all persons who take an interest in human rights protection.

                                            Adam Zieliński

                                   Professor at Warsaw University